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Asymmetric Payoff. You risk almost nothing by wearing a clean DYI mask made out of sweatshirt material but may help save hundreds or thousands of lives.

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Values-Driven Continuous Improvement

I try to be transparently values-driven in all my interactions and activities. Here are a few things I'm working on now - hold me accountable.


One of my core tenants is that time-management is the most important and under-taught skills to all people. I'm using a custom tracker similar to Toggl to get a better understanding of where I spend my time, and ruthlessly prioritize my family, my health, and the most impactful professional activities.


Empathy is a muscle that needs to be kept in shape. Complacency leads to apathy and indifference. I've been thinking a lot lately about ways to learn more about the present joys and pains of other humans, and about impactful methods for assistance where they are needed.

There are so many causes that need attention, and it can be hard to focus. What concrete improvements should be prioritized this summer? How can we actually be "ever mindful of the needs of others" instead of just saying it before eating a nutritionally dense meal and drinking too much wine?


We may be living the largest short-term economic shift since the Great Depression or the Industrial Revolution. I'm looking for projects, technologies, and teams who are aware of this shift and designing for the future. Special interests include finance and bench science. If you're working (or hoping) to create a more trustworthy, resiliant world for our children, let's connect; how I can help?

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